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Therapy Is A Lifestyle Wellness Retreat

Welcome to a weekend in the beautiful South bay, where you can connect with like-minded people while taking a deeper dive into understanding your mental health.

SATURDAY, August 10, 2024 (Wellness Workshop)

SUNDAY, August 11, 2024 (Wellness Brunch)

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It's a weekend experience full of wellness education and celebration. You do not want to miss the opportunity to gain new insight and tools that will support you on the journey to creating a life that you do not need a break from.  

2024 Therapy is a Lifestyle Wellness Retreat
2024 Therapy is a Lifestyle Wellness Retreat
Aug 10, 2024, 9:00 AM PDT – Aug 11, 2024, 1:30 PM PDT
Torrance | Rancho Palos Verdes,
7000 Los Verdes Dr, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275, USA



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See what people are saying about this weekend...

Alexa Young, CA

"...just for us to get together and just to open up, relax, and just be free for a day and just.enjoy each other's company and learn from one another. The food was absolutely good, oh my god, the mimosas were off the chain, okay!"

Morgan James, NY

"...definitely not a Mean Girls Brunch. It was definitely a Brunch of two days of enlightenment and enjoyment of Sisterhood and just learning about our emotional well -being and the benefit of making therapy a lifestyle."

Lisa Driver, MI

"I feel more confident. I feel more capable. A lot of the things that we think about and what we say to ourselves; the self -doubt, the negative talk; we addressed it all ."



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Special Guest

Dr. Rob J. Thrash IV
Let's talk Black Men and Mental Health

Dr. Thrash is an award-winning educational leader with over twenty years of experience working in the Los Angeles educational community. His work focuses on helping professionals navigate the complexities of change while fostering an environment that cultivates well-being, unleashes creativity, and propels innovation.


With a Doctorate in Educational Leadership from the University of Southern California, he guides individuals and organizations in creating workplaces where well-being is celebrated as a catalyst for innovation and enhanced performance. As a seasoned speaker and professional development leader, Dr. Thrash has inspired thousands nationwide, infusing every interaction with wit and humor.


Active in Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., he is committed to community uplift and social change. His approach is enriched by the works of Black authors like Toni Morrison and guided by scholars such as Shaun Harper and Gloria Ladson-Billings.


Dr. Thrash is clear about his call to create vibrant communities where every voice is heard, every identity is respected, and every individual thrives, and remains dedicated to making a lasting impact on the wellbeing landscape and beyond.


Special Guest

Joe and Leslie

Featured Couple on OWN's Black Love Documentary


Let's talk Mental Health in the Black Family and Relationships

Joe and Leslie have been together for 22 years, and are currently in their sweet 16 year of marriage. They have five children, 3 boys and 2 girls. They are Digital Content creators that focus on fashion, home design, and overall lifestyle. 


This journey began with Leslie entering the blog space in 2014, with a YouTube channel “Make Up Talks and Beauty Walks”. The goal was to show women how to apply makeup and coordinate their outfits, but Leslie soon realized this space was oversaturated. 


She decided to pivot and include her entire family into her styling efforts, right down to the dog. She would incorporate color schemes and captions that were in line with how she felt, as an outlet to the experience of being a wife and mom. She worked diligently, lining everyone up in color coordinated outfits, until one day, when a black and white adidas outfit went viral, and their social media following went from 3200 to over 10,000. 


Since shifting into family styling, they have secured major partnerships with brands such as Target, Amazon, and Disney and their following is currently over 280,000 people. They continue to include captions that are authentic to their voice and experiences as well as make content that respectfully gives us glimpses into their everyday lives. 


As a family, they live by phrase, Team Work Makes the Dream Work”, but as a couple, Joe and Leslie live by the phrase, “Love Is A Verb”. 


They were featured on the documentary “Black Love”, where they had the opportunity to discuss the journey of their relationship and how it has shapeshifted, over the last 20 years. 


Join us for a candid conversation on what it’s like to be a parent, a husband, a wife, a man, a woman, and all of the other identities that are wrapped up in being a content creating family of 7. We’re going to tap into how they stay connected as a couple, how they stay grounded as an individual, and how they stay solid for their children. 





CJM02659 (1).jpg

Wellness is not solely about taking a bubble bath or a girls trip to Tulum. While a break is an awesome way to replenish yourself, true wellness is living a life you do not consistently need a break from. 

The Therapy Is A Lifestyle Retreat is all about curating a lifestyle that supports balance, joy, and peace.

This two-day event begins on Saturday August 10, in Torrance, CA. Here, you will attend a full day workshop complete with classes and breakout sessions to help you discuss and process the new information you have learned. It concludes with Sunday Brunch on August 11, at the beautiful Los Verdes Golf Course.


Experience Day 1 of the Therapy Is a Lifestyle 2-Day Wellness Retreat, set against the stunning backdrop of Southern California's beautiful South Bay. 


This year, immerse yourself in dynamic mental wellness tools that will revolutionize your relationship with yourself and others.


During our Saturday workshop, you'll embark on a journey of self-discovery guided by renowned mental wellness expert, Dr. Glenna. Delve into the science behind change and habit formation, gaining insights into the transformative power of mental wellness management. 


This year's topics include:

Session 1: 

The Side Effects of Growth: What to do with the not so cute stuff that comes with growth. Sure having peace is the goal, but what do you do when you outgrow your favorite friend? When you realize you have been mistreated and you don't fit that space anymore? Let's be honest, it can get lonely keeping those healthy boundaries! Let's talk about the not so glamorous side of healing and growth and learn how to manage it in our lives.

Session 2: 

Healing in Motion: Moving forward with everyday life when you aren't fully healed. We've all been there, broken on the inside, but at the grocery picking up milk because life doesn't stop. The solution isn't to hide in our house until we feel better, but it also isn't to pretend like it doesn't exist. Let's learn how to manage and heal from our hurt without ignoring our feelings and while still living our day to day lives.

Session 3:

Men with Dr. Rob J. Thrash IV

Men thrive when we have practical tools and strategies to prioritize and maintain our wellbeing amidst the unique challenges posed by today’s climate. During our time together, we will unpack The Well Formula of engaging, implementing, connecting, and reflecting, and supporting each other in this journey towards holistic wellbeing.

Women with Dr. Glenna

Managing Your Mantle: How to do what you are called to do, as a woman, without cracking. You have responsibilities... and you're good at it! But are you managing your life and your time in a way that supports balance, downtime, and rest? Or have you designed your life to make sure everyone and everything is taken care BUT you? Let's work together to learn how to say no, delegate some tasks, and feel good about having balance in your life.

Session 4: 

Radical Self Acceptance: Accepting yourself, half healed and all. Sometimes all of our ducks are in a row... and other times, we just have to grab our ducks and run across the street. Stop waiting for things to be perfect! Let's learn how to see who we are today, practice acceptance, while still setting our goals for what we want to be tomorrow. 

New to this year's program is a special focus on Black Men and Mental Health, featuring esteemed guest presenter Dr. Rob J. Thrash IV. Explore this important topic in a supportive and inclusive environment, and gain valuable insights into mental wellness within the Black community.


Engage in immersive breakout sessions designed to deepen your understanding and foster connections with fellow participants. 


Fuel your mind and body with a continental breakfast, full lunch, and light refreshments provided throughout the day.


Don't miss this opportunity to equip yourself with practical tools and strategies for personal growth and restoration. 


Join us for Day 1 of the Therapy Is a Lifestyle Wellness Retreat and embark on a journey of empowerment and transformation.

These topics will lead you to a final discussion on identifying specific, daily practices that help you feel restored. The materials provided will allow you to create a realistic action plan that you can immediately begin using.

This immersive training includes break out sessions that will allow you to process your experiences and build connections with others, who are on the same path.

A continental breakfast, full lunch, and light refreshments will be provided.

brunch 4.JPG

About Dr. Glenna

Dr. Glenna is an informational speaker that focuses on breaking down large psychological concepts into bite sized pieces. She pairs this teaching style with providing practical tools that you can immediately use. Her goal is to provide sound education and compassionate support to teach you how to truly make sustainable change in your life. This is not a motivational event with the intention of creating more questions than answers. The goal is to empower you to change the overall trajectory of your life. To teach you how to identify barriers and make incremental yet impactful change. She will help you to fully embody her mantra: Therapy Is A Lifestyle.

If you’ve never heard Dr. Glenna speak or worked with her directly, you are in for a treat. Her whimsical personality is grounded in her academic foundation, which makes for a fun yet educational experience. Having a doctorate in Social Work, a license in clinical social work, and over 20 years of experience of working in the field of social services, she is a well qualified expert in mental health and overall human services.


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