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Therapy is a Lifestyle is simply being committed to focusing on your mental health before it becomes mental illness. Dr. Glenna currently offers small group workshops for your chosen group of women, teaching “the strong ones” how to incorporate therapeutic & restorative techniques into their hectic lives.


Calling all professional women: The working moms, the entrepreneurs, the “always on the go”, the strong ones.

I know you. You are the rock. You are the one everyone comes to for answers while secretly struggling with anxiety and overwhelm. You want to practice self care, work out or take just a little time for yourself, but can’t seem to break away. You have a vision for success but can’t quite get it in motion.


What if I told you there was a way out?


What if you could learn techniques from a licensed clinical therapist that would change your life’s trajectory? Proven Strategies, that teach you how to take inventory of your life, identify & target troublesome areas, release, refuel and emerge organized, empowered and relaxed.


Dr Glenna’s Therapy is a Lifestyle workshop is the answer.

*Formatted for groups of 10-40 women



Therapy is a Lifestyle is the practice of focusing on your mental health before it becomes mental illness. The truth is, most of us don’t realize how easily those little things that cause stress or unrest in our lives can become big things, if left unchecked. In this hands on, 2.5 hr workshop, Dr Glenna transfers two decades of education and experience into practical tips for mental self awareness and self-improvement for the everyday woman. Learn how to incorporate techniques into your life that will keep your stress from becoming anxiety, your doubts from becoming depression, and your busy life from becoming complete overwhelm. 


Attend the Therapy is a Lifestyle half day workshop and walk away with:

  • Clarity surrounding what mental health actually is (including how to identify signs of compromised mental health) and how your current lifestyle is supporting or impairing your mental wellness.

  • A breakdown of how to cultivate self awareness and set intentions for maintaining mental wellness.

  • An individualized plan with actionable steps to set you on the path to happiness, productivity, total self care and optimal mental health.




This intensive, full day workshop, takes everything you learn in the half day workshop, and goes deeper. It will teach you how to identify compromised mental health, demonstrate the ways in which compromised mental health may lead to mental illness, and reveal what you can do about it. With Dr. Glenna’s help, you will engage in comprehensive exercises designed to examine your spiritual health, financial health, physical health and relational health, and uncover how your mental health is affected by your lifestyle choices in those areas. These activities, supported by two decades of education and experience, will teach you how to identify the pain points that may be compromising your mental health, as well as how to address those pain points by incorporating therapeutic techniques into your everyday life.


Dr. Glenna’s hands on approach will walk you through your epiphanies and aha! moments, while providing research based intervention and clinical feedback specific to your lifestyle and unique personal challenges. Most importantly, you will create and walk away with an individualized plan, filled with actionable steps that you can implement immediately. Your specialized strategy will make it easy for you to check in, release, relax, refuel and set you on the path to happiness, productivity and optimal mental health.


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