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I’m a licensed Clinical Social Worker and for as long as I can remember I’ve been invested in helping people! I believe that no matter your station in life, what you’ve gone through or what you’re going through, the key to living an amazing life is built on a foundation of self awareness and understanding. And it’s my job to help you find it!

I specialize in treating anxiety based disorders (Generalized Anxiety, history of trauma, Social Anxiety, etc) and in recovery for victims of emotional abuse. Through my use of an eclectic therapeutic approach, I am able offer flexible and multifaceted services that are tailored to each client. 


My mantra is “Therapy is a lifestyle!” This means making a consistent effort to focus on your mental health before it becomes mental illness.

Dr Glenna’s Secret to Starting and Finishing, is the only self-help planner that marries mental health and productivity. 

We often underestimate the impact of our mental health on our productivity. There is no question that your mind is filled with endless to-do lists, worry about your future, and general overwhelm or anxiety, it is difficult to concentrate. In fact, studies have proven that high stress levels impair your executive functioning, which is your ability to organize and make decisions for yourself.

The Little Black Book: Dr Glenna’s Secret to Starting and Finishing, is the only self-help planner that marries mental health and productivity. This yearly planner allows you to break your goals down to yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly, and even daily action steps. Additionally, thought provoking content is included throughout which challenges you to think and gain clarity about what you want, what is stopping you, and how to evaluate your progress and, eventually, actualize your goals.

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As a specialist in mental health and overall wellness, Dr. Glenna offers a myriad of both individual and group services. She is not only qualified to treat major mental illness, she is also the go-to resource for people experiencing the everyday challenges of life.

Therapy Is a Lifestyle


Therapy is a Lifestyle is simply being committed to focusing on your mental health before it becomes mental illness. Dr. Glenna currently offers small group workshops teaching “the strong ones” how to incorporate therapeutic & restorative techniques into their hectic lives.



Dr. Glenna also welcomes the opportunity to come and speak to your audience, lending her expertise and experience to your event, tailored to your topic. Formats include lecture, keynote, panel and small groups.

Therapy Is a Lifestyle


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