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Dr. Glenna has a vault full of her latest mental health courses and webinars! If you need a mental health "pick me up", check out the vault! 


Calling all the strong ones: The working moms, the hustling dads, the entrepreneurs, the “always on the go”, the ones that are serious about working on themselves.

I know you. You are the rock.

You are the one everyone comes to for answers while secretly struggling with anxiety and overwhelm. You want to practice self care, work out or take just a little time for yourself, but can’t seem to break away.

You have a vision for success but can’t quite get it in motion.


What if I told you there was a way out? What if you could learn techniques from a licensed clinical therapist that would change your life’s trajectory?

Proven Strategies, that teach you how to take inventory of your life, identify & target troublesome areas, release, refuel and emerge organized, empowered and relaxed.


Dr Glenna’s Vault is a great resource!