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As a specialist in mental health and overall wellness, Dr. Glenna offers a myriad of both individual and group services. She is not only qualified to treat major mental illness, she is also the go-to resource for people experiencing the everyday challenges of life.

Sometimes in life, there comes a time where you are just unable to go it alone. The good news is, you don’t have to! If you struggle with overwhelming stress or anxiety, if your internal conflict is such that the only way to make sense of it all is to have an external party help sort it out, if you need a listening ear and a safe space; Dr. Glenna’s individual therapy sessions can help.


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60-minute sessions specifically designed to address emotional barriers including grief and loss, low self-worth, stress management, interpersonal relationship conflicts, and history of abuse. Dr. Glenna provides a private, relaxed, and most importantly, judgment-free environment where you can unload your cares and concerns through talk therapy. Additionally, Dr. Glenna provides effective, client centered and solution based approaches to ensure the time spent is both supportive and productive.

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Congratulations! Wedding planning is so exciting. And you are making the right step by seeking out pre-marital counseling to ensure you two get off on the right foot. 


As a mental health clinician, Dr. Glenna counsels couples that find they need a third party to help shed light on their relationship. 


Her Pre-marital counseling program is a seven part, Christian-based series designed to address common marital concerns. The goal is not to make sure you are the perfect couple, but rather to equip you with the proper tools to handle issues that affect many marriages. 


Additional couples therapy sessions can be purchased, a la carte, should you feel there are additional concerns you would like to address. 


Topics include: 

- Intake and assessment 

- Understanding your role

- Healthy finances

- Healthy family relations

- Sex and intimacy

- Understanding the phases of marriage

- Preventative maintenance 

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