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Therapy Is A Lifestyle Wellness Retreat

Save the date!! The Therapy Is A Lifestyle Brunch is returning and guess what... we're adding a full day retreat!

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Wellness is not solely about taking a bubble bath or a girls trip to Tulum. While a break is an awesome way to replenish yourself, true wellness is living a life you do not consistently need a break from. 

The Therapy Is A Lifestyle Retreat is all about curating a lifestyle that supports balance, joy, and peace. On Saturday Jun 24th, we will spend the day together for workshops and activities learning exactly how to do this!

If you have ever attended a workshop or event with Dr. Glenna, then you already know what it is! She is an informational speaker that focuses on practical tools for life changing results. 

We will follow up with the Therapy Is A Lifestyle Brunch on Sunday Jun 25, 2023

Tickets are limited for both events. Group tickets are available. 

Pre-sale tickets will be available to those on the mailing list starting Wednesday, Feb 1st

Standard tickets will go on sale Wednesday, March 1st

No upcoming events at the moment
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